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We have moved!

Xerxes, Jun 22, 12 8:18 PM.
This update is to inform everyone that we have transferred to the server "The Bastion" due to low server population on Mandalore. 13 servers were given free character transfers to this new server so the population is great. We however are not formed as "Affliction" on this new server since the guild name had been taken already. If you are interested in transferring you can pm "Xirxes" on the new server for more details about the future of our guild. 

Thanks to everyone who helped make our guild great. 

Group 1 HM EV/KP

Xerxes, Feb 2, 12 7:30 PM.
Grats to group 1 for clearing HM EV 4/5 and HM KP 5/5. I am trying to get out pictures up but i have a horrible memory about taking pictures before we move on! so here are some pictures in random order sometimes :P Thanks to everyone for coming out!

Guild EV 8man

Xerxes, Jan 5, 12 4:05 AM.
Thanks to everyone who participated in our guild run of Eternity Vault this past week! We are currently 4/5 Normal EV due to some bugs on the last boss that prevented us from completing. 

We are looking forward to setting up a second raid group so that all guild members can have a chance. Send me an in-game mail if you would like to be considered for this group!


Forums are up! Don't hesitate to sign up!

Darth Clarke, Jan 5, 12 3:44 AM.
The guild's forum page has been overhauled a bit to give posters more of a running start. Don't be afraid to sign up to the website! I know very well some people have landed on the site, seen the inactivity and thought "Eh, I'll sign up later." The forums can't thrive if everyone has your mindset! Sign up and start some threads! Talk with your guildies, get to know everyone! Welcome to Affliction, everyone.
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